Cross Cultural Internship Program

September 5, 2017

Joe's Academy of Music Works With Interns from the Cross Cultural Internship Program in 2017

The Cross Cultural Internship Program is a program that takes place every May through August, administered through FUSIA Communications, a J-1 Exchange Visitor Intern Program Designated Visa Sponsor, and works directly with top universities across Asia and 20+ qualified host organizations in New York and the surrounding areas. Since 2008, CCIP has provided opportunities to nearly 1,000 exchange visitors.

Details of Exchange Program

The Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 Intern) is designed to allow foreign college and university students or recent graduates to come to the United States and gain exposure to US culture and to receive hands on experience in US business practices in their chosen occupational fields. You can find out more here.

What is CCIP?

The Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP) is a comprehensive internship program that takes place every summer from May through August. The program is administered directly by FUSIA Communications, a J-1 Exchange Visitor Intern Program Designated Visa Sponsor, and works directly with top universities across Asia and 20+ qualified host organizations in New York and the surrounding areas. Since 2008, CCIP has provided opportunities to nearly 1,000 exchange visitors. Joe’s Academy of Music has been working in partnership with FUSIA Communications since the start of the program.

What is some of the history of the involvement of Joe’s Music and the CCIP?

Joe Music has been a host company hosting J-1 Interns via CCIP since 2013. It was referred by Djam Insurance Brokerage Inc. (anther company hosting J-1 Interns since 2011). Each summer Joe hosts 2 to 4 interns.

Exchange Students Over the Years

As Joe’s Music has been hosting Interns since 2013, all of the great memories and experiences are too many to go into here. But here are some great comments and memories of from our prior program participants:

2014 Class

“It’s really different when I am put into a real business setting. Although my work may not contribute a lot to the company, I knew that being a successful businessman is never easy and entails years of experiences and failures.”

“I feel lucky to be here. It’s an opportunity for me to see a clear picture of what I want. Frankly, I do not really enjoy what I am doing in Joe’s Music. My job includes event management and administrative stuff. However, I considered to do event management before I came here. Now, I think I’m done with it. I learned a few things from my co-workers from CCIP. The way we doing things is totally different. I also appreciate his style. It is good to know others’ cultures.”

2015 Class

“After worked as an intern in Joe’s Music and Dance Academy, I gained professional skills and new experience. I learnt to use Photoshop and Microsoft Publication to design marketing materials. I had also learnt how to manage and reform the database system. Moreover, I had trained up my communication skills with customers. While we had to work on the reception sometimes, we had to greet to the customers who came to ask questions. Meanwhile, we need to communicate with the supervisor and the colleagues on the tasks that we had to finish. Besides the skill learnt from the workplace, living in New York and YMCA provided opportunities to train my self-care skills. While sometimes I had to find the route which could reach to my target location, I need to prepare everything before I entered the subway station. Or otherwise, I had to find my way without any friends and any mobile network. It enhanced my problem solving skills when I had to face the problems by myself.

“I really want to say, i’m very rejoice to come this cultural exchange internship, i learn so many things in there, From the day when i apply this internship, i learn how to correctly write the forms in USA. And i also learn how to do things concentration, and i become more and more prudentially and follow rules, i will check email everyday and don’t often late for upload document from before, So i’m very thankful my sponsor Miss Ek and this internship. And other part in this internship i also learn some office skills and office system, over that i also experience the USA culture and lifestyle, So i really thankful this internship and really learning more.”

2016 Class

“Yes, I thought that I had grown professionally. Through this internship, I learned more knowledge about marketing and knew to combine the knowledge learned from books with the practical problems. Moreover, I have learned the importance of social communication to colleagues and leaders or boss. What’s more, I became to think and behave as a worker, rather than a students, which I believed that was a great change for me to become more mature.”

“I can learned lots of new things even reorganize the files. This is kind of interest, when I sort out those files, I can know American style throughly. Cheque, Billing, Statement, Contact. How to pay, how to deal with those essential processes.”

Exchange educational activities

Participants learned about music instruction, how to run a business, interacting with students and performing! They experienced the entire Joe’s Music Academy business, from top to bottom, and were involved in every aspect of it’s running. They brought their own unique talents and passion, adding value and bring insight and skill to our students, while learning the unique method and experience that only Joe’s Music and it’s decades of music instruction experience can provide. This created a truly unique cross cultural educational experience for both sides. Our exchange students are hard working, creative and passionate, and we at Joe’s Music are grateful to have them!

Joe’s Academy of Music is proud to be a partner with the CCIP and looks forward to the expansion of this amazing program for overseas music students in years to come!

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