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Giving you our best.

We’ve trained at the best universities and studied world-wide. We’ve played classical concerts and rock shows. We’ve chosen to make music our lives, and now we’re helping make it yours.

Featured Instructors

Imani Massicot

Dance Instructor

Ben Waters

Percussion Instructor

Lavonne Jackson Wright

Vocal Instructor

Our Talented Staff

  • Matthew Albeck
  • Jose Andrade
  • Carlos Cabrera
  • Nicolas Ordonez Carmelo
  • Maxime Cholley
  • Ashley Clarke
  • Elham Fanous
  • Ivan Filipchyk
  • Michi Fuji
  • Oliver Glynn
  • Sebastian Gonzalez
  • Akeem Headley
  • Zydae Joyner
  • Lasha Kvetenadze
  • Kristin McCloud
  • Reyna Nunez
  • Lidia Palomo
  • Juquan Phillip
  • Junko Sakai
  • Amir Segal
  • Jeffrey Sheloff
  • Jasmine Warren
  • Hajime Yoshida

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