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Music Education & 
Leadership Training

Programs for Your School

We offer music education and leadership training to PreK-12. Through interactive productions, themed performances and instructional participation events, we teach students how to study, enhancing their learning and lives and provide guidance.

Services include but are not limited to Public and Private Schools, After School Programs, Summer in The City summer programs and Early Childhood Programs. Our partnerships include Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL), an organization that works to provide academic programs especially to children in under-resourced communities, United Federation of Teachers (UFT) to provide our year-rounds programs, DOE and DYCD.

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Benefits of a Music Program

Academic Performance Icon

Academic Performance

Students who study instrumental music, score significantly higher on standardized tests than their peers.

Health Benefits Icon

Health Benefits

Creative movement helps children improve balance, coordination, rhythm, self-esteem and body awareness.

Child Development Icon

Child Development

Music and movement programs have a positive impact on a children's development, especially pre-school age children, and promotes motor skills.

Transferable Skills Icon

Transferable Skills

Research has found that learning music facilitates learning in other subjects and enhances transferable skills.

Community Programs

JAM in Your Neighborhood

Our community program brings arts education and leadership training to different venues around the community, including churches, community centers, early childhood facilities, sororities and fraternities with the commitment to the social responsible engagement.

As a socially responsible corporation, we care about the community. Through community performances, training and conversations, we advocate for all citizens to have equal access to a sustainable arts and leadership educational program.

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Supplying Your Instruments to JAM

Our retail arm supplies all instruments for your after school program, so you don't have to stress the logistics!
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YouthMax Leadership

Our YouthMax Leadership program inspires and equips students to value themselves and others by developing and maintaining a positive self-image while showing compassion to others.  

Through engaging in interactive sessions, children learn to be a positive influence to their family, teacher and their peers. We groom students to develop a positive self-image through self-respect. We provide youth with facts about failure, guidance on how to fail correctly, and more importantly how to succeed after failure.

YouthMax Leadership