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At Joe’s, students of all ages are welcome to learn a musical instrument. Whether music is a hobby you love or a career you dream of, our university-trained instructors will provide one-on-one attention to make sure you get the most out of your lessons.
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We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute private music lessons in all makes of instruments, vocals and theory.

Benefits Of  Music Lessons

Flexible Schedule
There’s no travel time to account for and we offer much more flexibility when scheduling lesson times.
Comfortable & Safe Environment
Whether there is a health pandemic or not students can learn in the comfort of their own homes. Lessons are also recorded to protect students and teachers.
Same World Class Instructors
If you’ve already taken lessons at one of our sites, our online classes are conducted by the same university-trained instructors with practical experience.
More Choice
Schedule lessons with any of our instructors at our different branches whether you live in one of the boroughs of New York or anywhere in the world.
Same Benefits As On SIte Learning
When homeschooling, music education included with any curriculum helps enhance creativity, boost self-esteem, develop motor-skills, and improve spatial reasoning.
More Versatility
Interested in trying out another instrument? With online lessons, you can do that easily. Simply let our staff know and we’ll match you with an instructor and provide you with an instrument

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