YouthMax Leadership Program

We believe that all children should have access to learn about arts and culture and become the best versions of themselves.

Everything You Need to Know

We believe that all children should have access to learn about arts and culture and become the best versions of themselves. The opportunity to learn and take part in different events helps them grow personally and culturally. With the right training and programs, kids can learn how to set goals, deal with failure, and turn initial failures into eventual successes.

Our YouthMax Leadership Program offers adolescents the opportunity to do just that.

The Program

This is a free community event that covers topics such as leadership development, anti-bullying, self-esteem, and more. The goal of this inspirational program is to help students learn to value themselves through developing a positive self-image as well as showing compassion to others.

How do we do this? We manage interactive sessions where children learn to be positive influences on everyone they come in contact with, including their family, teachers, and peers. We help students develop a positive self-image by learning and self-respect. We give guidance to the students looking to learn how to succeed and, more importantly, learn how to fail correctly. In addition to building self-confidence, the training is designed to improve the student’s attitude and reinforce their determination by success.

When students go through our program, we will train them on how to change any negative attitudes they might have about themselves and others and reverse that backwards thinking. The YouthMax Leadership program is all about making a positive impact. Together we can accomplish this by following our five main objectives:

  • Reinforce the thinking processes that develop good character traits - this is the best insurance for handling difficult situations in the future
  • Equip the youth to stand up, lift up, and pick up others
  • Provide the youth with facts about failure, how to fail correctly, and how to succeed after failure
  • Help the youth to understand the importance of self-image
  • Offer ways to develop a positive self-image through self-respect

We understand that some students may have a difficult time finding their identity and building a strong personal character. They might fear failure and getting bullied because of it. We are here to change that. It is our absolute passion to help young people feel confident in themselves and their abilities. This program is designed to help children grow and develop so they can tackle these challenges head on.

Our Strength

Parents and teachers often have nothing but praise and positive feedback about the YouthMax Leadership Program. Why? It’s because the program’s effects continue to resonate with the students long after it is over.

Teachers have told us that students who participated in the program were able to reach the goals that had been set for them. The program’s structure and resources are designed to help students reach their goals and make progress toward achieving their dreams.

Parents have also learned a great deal from the YouthMax Leadership Program. We have had parents tell us how their professional skills improved because of this event. Many reported that they have also gotten more involved in their children’s education. Getting involved with a child’s education can help parents feel more in tune with their child’s emotional and social needs. It also helps children feel close to their parents.

Family involvement is a very important piece to this puzzle that helps tie everything together. The student, parent, and teacher should have a stronger relationship after completing our program. The lines of communication will also be much stronger. Our staff members will regularly update parents on their child’s progress. With the parents involved, it’s easier to guide the children forward and help them achieve their dreams. Students will feel more motivated to take on challenges.

Who is the Driving Force Behind This Program?

Joe’s Academy of Music has certified John Maxwell Executive Director, mentors, teachers and speakers who focus on developing the youth. Each youth leadership module is based on the YouthMax Leadership program’s ideas and concepts.

We work with school leaders and employ high-performing teachers to ensure that students get the most out of our program. Additionally, each teacher is trained on best practices. Our training uses assessment data to drive instruction, effective teaching practices, collaborative teaching, and behavior management,.

We are proud that certified John Maxwell Executive Director, Jolander Headley is with us to run this program. Jolander Headley is here to help local students be the very best versions of themselves. She is our president and CEO, and her primary focus in on youth development. Our program would not be as successful as it is today without her.

Learn More

We at Joe’s Academy of Music welcome students to take part in this great program. If you want to learn more about the YouthMax Leadership program, please contact us today. We’d be more than happy to provide you with more information about the event and what it can do for you and your child.

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