Dance For Seniors

Taking up a dance program can help you achieve health goals, build coordination, reduce stress, and meet people!

Dance for Seniors: Health Benefits, Stress Reduction, and Sheer Joy

Taking up a dance program can help you achieve health goals, build coordination, reduce stress, and meet people! Joining a dance class or program is something that any adult should look into.

As we grow older, we find ourselves facing challenges that involve maintaining our best physical condition, dealing with the various worries and stresses of everyday life, and the natural process of growing old. But a great way to be young at heart and to enjoy our later years is music.

Dance is an excellent way for seniors to maintain health, relieve stress, and stay active. Dance programs for seniors are also a great way to stay connected and social. The pleasure and joy of music is something which you can take advantage of in a dance program. Consider these points:

Physical, Mental, Social Benefits

Dancing reduces stress, anxiety, and increases physical fitness. For example, the Daily Mail reports that Tango dancing literally reduces depression, according to a recent study . You can literally dance your blues away!

Low Impact Styles Appropriate for Seniors

Jazz, Tap, Salsa and Waltz are all low impact styles of dance that are great for seniors, according to this article . Professional instructors will of course moderate the program for those in attendance. Dance can create a great social experience that is good for the heart in all ways.

As always, it’s always good to warm up and proceed at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Class Frequency

Going once a week is great to start off with. An introductory dance class that matches the styles you like is a great place to start – this is the reason why styles like Ballroom, Line Dancing and Tango are ideal for older students. A regular class schedule is good both for physical reasons as well as for social ones – the friendships and contacts that are a vital addition to the value that class offers.

Socialization and Personal Contact

A dance class can be a great place for older students to make new friends, contacts and be social. As people grow older, the risk of isolation and lack of social contact becomes a greater concern. A fun and energetic dance class can help older students make new friends and connections, which can lead into other opportunities to expand their social network. This in turns multiplies the mental and physical health benefits of dance.

Is it right for me?

We recommend that older students reach out to their family and support professionals to determine if a dance class is a good fit. As always, consult with your doctor, family and other important support providers.

As always, we at Joe’s Academy of Music welcome older dance and music students. Reach out to us on our contact page. We’d love to speak with you about our programs and how they can help seniors enjoy the richness and pleasure of music.

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